Pandas Snippets And Cheats Collection For Data Science

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This eBook is a hand-picked collection of pandas code snippets and cheats that are commonly used in data exploration and analysis.

Code snippets are reusable, task-oriented blocks of code. It can be as simple as one line of code for a method call with specific arguments to multiple lines implementing a small app feature.

Who should read this book?

Trying to use pandas library for data analysis?

Spending too much time on stack overflow or googling how do I do x in pandas?

Frustrated by the massive official documentation? I was frustrated too! I started to use pandas few years ago. Once I coded few larger projects I found myself visiting the code over and over again grabbing snippets of pandas to use in new projects: open csv in pandas, but skip rows 3 and 4? Save dataframe as csv, but without quotes? Rename the columns of a dataframe?

This eBook brings "all" the pandas snippets and cheats together and makes coding faster.

Bonus: Python snippets collection!

A Python programming language quick reference for syntax, data structures, lambda, map, filter and reduce functions presented as bite-sized snippets.

Do you want to try a sample first?

Download and try a sample chapter here:

[ePub sample chapter]

[pdf sample chapter]

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ePub and PDF formats

over 200 snippets
70 pages
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Pandas Snippets And Cheats Collection For Data Science

0 ratings
I want this!